Automate Moving Files to/from Windows Live SkyDrive

A few months ago, I surveyed several online storage sites. Although I might not make the same decision today, I decided to use Windows Live SkyDrive.  SkyDrive provides 5GB of online storage that can be shared with friends or the world, or be maintained as private.

I use SkyDrive to move files over the Internet between multiple computers that are physically distributed.  SkyDrive uses an https interface and I encrypt the files that I move back and forth.

When I first investigated SkyDrive, I was surprised that it did not provide a programmatic interface.  In addition, the SkyDrive user interface is a little cumbersomb to use, so I wrote a couple of AutoIt scripts to automate writing and reading files.  AutoIt code is available below for PutFile and GetFile.

Code will go here – PutFile


Code will go here – GetFile


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