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Soon after I started working the cellular message-based browser effort I learned that there were several text messaging portals that provided reasonable search capabilities, weather and news reporting, driving directions, language translation, flight status, dictionary, product prices, local business, and even a scientific calculator. That kind of lowered my motivation and slowed my pace.

Here are some portals and miscellaneous commands that have been helpful. I sent this text via an email to my cell as a picture message, saved and locked the message so that I could reference it when needed. The links provide additional help. Some portals and commands work better than others. I have had problems with Amazon and Gas Buddy, and uses some cryptic abbreviations if you are not familiar with the city.

Google 466453
w-eather zip
italian zip
m-ovie name zip
d-efine term
t-ranslate hello in french
f-roogle product – price
zip – city
addr1 to addr2
g search
g orlando fl zip – city info
conway rd orlando fl – zip
407 – area code city
sqrt 64
wn 1234
fl-Airtran aa-American hp-AmericaWest tz-ATA
co-Continental dl-Delta b6-JetBlue nw-Northwest
pn-PanAm wn-Southwest ua-United us-USAir

Amazon 262966
product – price
#d-etails for item
# buy item
h-elp 87232:
Orl 44636:
news orlando
w-eather zip
wifi zip
tv friends
price product
joke 42278:
zip – weather
sea zip – coastal weather
air mco – airport delays

411SMS 86411:
service/business zip
w-eather zip
addr to addr
? question
m-ovie name zip
wifi zip
bible genesis 1 1 3
p product – price
e2s translate

Yahoo 92466:

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