Chickenfoot Firefox Extension

I found an interesting tool recently – Chickenfoot.  Chickenfoot is a Firefox extension that provides a front-end that allows you to mashup web pages.  Chickenfoot can be used to automate web pages, fix annoying page implementations and to add new functionality.

Chickenfoot is being developed by folks at MIT.  Although I did not see a detailed development plan, they have some interesting ideas for the future of Chickenfoot and other related efforts.  An important aim of Chickenfoot is to empower the non-programmer to mashup the web.

Chickenfoot is “similar” to Greasemonkey.  It runs scripts using a Javascript syntax and it runs a lot of Greasemonkey scripts.

When you install Chickenfoot, the script editor sidebar becomes available in Firefox.  You use the sidebar  to enter your scripts.  The following script is a simple example of a Chickenfoot script.  It calls up the Google search page, enters the search key and runs the search.

click(“google search”)

Unfortunately, there is a serious lack of documentation for Chickenfoot, but here are some helpful web pages:
Video tutorial
Mailing list

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