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Automate Moving Files to/from Windows Live SkyDrive

Saturday, November 1st, 2008

A few months ago, I surveyed several online storage sites. Although I might not make the same decision today, I decided to use Windows Live SkyDrive.  SkyDrive provides 5GB of online storage that can be shared with friends or the world, or be maintained as private.

I use SkyDrive to move files over the Internet between multiple computers that are physically distributed.  SkyDrive uses an https interface and I encrypt the files that I move back and forth.

When I first investigated SkyDrive, I was surprised that it did not provide a programmatic interface.  In addition, the SkyDrive user interface is a little cumbersomb to use, so I wrote a couple of AutoIt scripts to automate writing and reading files.  AutoIt code is available below for PutFile and GetFile.



Saturday, November 1st, 2008

Another interesting scripting option is iMacros.  This plugin provides a number of scripting functions that can be used to fill in forms and automate manual tasks.  It is available for both Firefox and Internet Explorer, and comes in free and paid versions. A feature comparison of all the iMacro variants is availble here.  The “free” versions provide subsets of the functions available in the paid functions.